Pay Cut Whopper

Burger King

During 2020/21, it has been reported that almost 8 out of 10 companies or employees in the world have faced temporary pay cuts. This reality closely touched the creatives who thought up this campaign.

So out of frustration came inspiration, and that’s how the fairest promo ever was born. All anyone had to do is download the BK app, add in their pay cut percentage plus duration and avail the equivalent discount right away!

The video

The app

The board

The posters

Equality Spell Check


Women today still face significant inequalities at work, especially in the MENA region.

This is an issue Lenovo is deeply committed to, as more needs to be done to improve gender equality in the workplace, that’s why we created the Equality Spell Check.

Functionality video

Plug-in and installation video for PC & Mac

Data gave us 250+ words in 4 different languages

React for Real


Like, comment, add emoji, scroll. Stop. Repeat. It’s almost automatic to filter through social media posts and tack on an emoji. But if these emojis could be exchanged for as little as a dollar, they could be used to change lives. For Afghanistan, the number of flag emoji reactions would have funded 798 surgeries; a broken heart emoji could have helped treat 3,803 kids with clubfoot;

a crying one could have helped 4,974 people with their prosthetics and so on. The call to action is simple and direct: your small change can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Afghans need help more than likes. Donate.

Case study

Afghanistan today



In 2020, Working From Home was the new normal for millions of office workers. Often times, the volume levels indoors can make a busy street sound soothing.

So we engineered a first-of-its-kind algorithm for interpreting sound data. Thus, offering Bose fans a playful, and rewarding, way to get their hands on the newest noise cancelling headphones 700.

Check your home office’s noise at