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The Invasive Alien Species (IAS) are animals introduced by men in certain territories where they’re not supposed to inhabit.

These animals cause serious problems for their new environment when reproducing, generating a progressive extinction of the native species that now have to fight for food and space. The IAS are the second cause of species extinction worldwide, but in Argentina became the first one.

Invasive: Beaver from North America. / Native: Red fox from Tierra del Fuego, Arg.

Invasive: Bighorn pig from Europe. / Native: Deer from La Pampa, Arg.

Invasive: Sheep from North America. / Native: Puma from la Patagonia, Arg.

Imagination is Timeless


The first video game controller was launched in 1972. The first VR headset was in 1968. And the first modern drone in the mid-60s. But who knows when exactly the idea of these was born?

Imagination and creativity are timeless and the cornerstone of LEGO’s ethos. So, to celebrate LEGO’s 90th anniversary, we launched a campaign on April 21st, the Worldwide Day of Creativity and Innovation.

The idea was to highlight some of the greatest entertainment inventions of the last century while also reminding people that for 90 years, since 1932, LEGO has been and remains the best way to bring ideas to life and prove that creativity is timeless.

Second Chance

Henkel Loctite

You break something, you buy a new piece of it.

That’s the normal process, right? But what would happen if we had a second chance to have an object as brand new?

Little faces

J&J, Clean & Clear

Fact: nobody is paying attention to you, or listening to you,

not even looking at you, when you have a pimple in the middle of your face.

Crash Text Dummy


Evil Twin


They look the same until one makes trouble. This is true for mischievous twins and for the parts you use in your car.

Always look for the good one. Always trust original parts.



Unnatural Disasters

Alaska Outdoor Clothing

In the last 40 years, the human race has brought thousands of species to the brink of extinction, putting our ecosystem and now our very existence at risk. The intentional fires in several places in the world (USA, Brazil, Australia, and Argentina at the moment) are proof of how dangerous we are to the planet.

Almost 2 million hectares have been burnt in 2020, ending with native forests and wildlife, but we still have time to turn this situation around and start taking actions and decisions that help the planet and save us from extinction. We are the best solution to improve the planet and enjoy nature and its outdoors again.

Meteorite details

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