Pago Fácil

Have you ever been asked to sell the past? Yes, the past, you’ve read that right. We were asked to do that with Pago Fácil, Argentina’s classic pay terminal, for its 25th anniversary.

So we did the only thing we could do in these cases, sell it talking about the future. Yes, the future, you know… Chatbots, Siri, A.I., and all those things that Alici.a. doesn’t have.


TVC Teaser





Togetherness Assembled


IKEA Al-Futtaim is the leading Swedish home furnishings retailer in the Arab region. Their Ramadan brief is the equivalent of what Christmas is to Coca-Cola, the campaign of the year by far. So all of this, plus the fact that Grey Dubai won the pitch for the brand with this idea and the script was filmed as presented, made it the ideal scenario for us to stand out.

We wanted to show this special celebration through the eyes of a young boy who normally has no role to play due to local culture and traditions, and at the same time change the IKEA angle from assembling furniture to assembling moments. Meet Sami.



Alto Avellaneda Mall

Histories with a Story

Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre is the #1 e-commerce in Latin America. With 20 years of history, the platform has a huge amount of data about how users interact, buy and sell items and goods on the Internet.

By using data mining, I analyzed interesting purchasing patterns to build the backbone of this idea: to create the first video campaign inspired by unconnected users’ purchase data.


The rest of the campaign ran in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia & Mexico in Spanish


Brick the Rules


LEGO is an icon. And not just in the marketing world. LEGO has ingrained itself into our lives and our childhoods (and also in our adulthoods). As creatives, we’d love to work with them and be paid in LEGO, but our clients don’t need to know that, right?

LEGO was planning the launch of a new brand concept as well as a new range of 6 car models for 2022.

What was really cool about them was that the collection was designed to be built as freely as you wanted, combining the bricks to come up with your own unique creations. No rules. No limits. So, we proposed a simple yet sticky concept: #BrickTheRules



Got Milk?

A planning strategy a little bit weird, I admit: sell more milk by positioning it as a drink also enjoyable at night.

According to different studies, a glass of milk before bedtime activates positive thinking in our brains. So, I took a drop of that info and wrote this TVC. Directed by Academy Award Winner, Armando Bo.



Marvin Music Magazine

In music, Ripping Off is a light form of plagiarism, because it’s ‘borrowing’ an established riff, phrase or idea from a musician or song.

So, listening very carefully to some of the principal artists, I discovered how they were “quoting” their influences and incorporating the licks into their own hits. The result? An interactive radio campaign for Mexico’s #1 rock cult magazine.

(Please use headphones for fully appreciate the idea)


(Please use headphones for fully appreciate the idea)