Pago Fácil

Have you ever been asked to sell the past? Yes, the past, you’ve read that right. We were asked to do that with Pago Fácil, Argentina’s classic pay terminal, for its 25th anniversary.

So we did the only thing we could do in these cases, sell it talking about the future. Yes, the future, you know… Chatbots, Siri, A.I., and all those things that Alici.a. doesn’t have.

TVC Teaser






Puteapp (Fuckapp in English) is the first app that translates insults and obscenities made to service companies, into a legal document ready to use as a claim.

Customer service in Argentina is not exactly what you would call ‘world-class’, so I developed a product and the campaign for it. Visit the site or download the app at Google Play.




Alto Avellaneda Mall


Mercado Libre

(ENG) Happy Children’s Day… and parents too. Mercado Libre, Keep On Searching.


Got Milk?

A planning strategy a little bit weird, I admit: sell more milk by positioning it as a drink also enjoyable at night.

According to different studies, a glass of milk before bedtime activates positive thinking in our brains. So, I took a drop of that info and wrote this TVC. Directed by Academy Award Winner, Armando Bo.

Hacker Blocker


What if someone is watching you from the other side of your webcam while you are reading this? That’s commonly known as ‘Camfecting’ and even Mark Zuckerberg is paranoid about it.

So if you are one of those who put tape, a sticker, or even a piece of paper over your webcam, maybe you’ll need our invention to finally hack the hackers.

Second Chance

Henkel Loctite

You break something, you buy a new piece of it.

That’s the normal process, right? But what would happen if we had a second chance to have an object as brand new?

Little faces

J&J, Clean & Clear

Fact: nobody is paying attention to you, or listening to you,

not even looking at you, when you have a pimple in the middle of your face.

Crash Text Dummy


Evil Twin


They look the same until one makes trouble. This is true for mischievous twins and for the parts you use in your car.

Always look for the good one. Always trust original parts.